Beyond The Classroom: Why You Should Attend The 2014 New York Educational Conferences 

Learning is nothing if we don’t go beyond the four corners of the classroom and that’s why we have events such as the 2014 New York Educational Conferences! They say students learn best when they’re exposed to the real world and that’s why we have activities like educational trips, forums, symposiums, and many more! 

A New Learning Perspective
The 2014 New York Educational Conferences are just some of the many Alternative Learning Programs (ALP) available for teachers, coaches, and parents. These conferences are great avenues for mentors to equip themselves with better guidance, training, and knowledge to improve the methods and approaches to learning.  


With alternative options like these, learning can be more interesting and engaging, and it can be used to mold future leaders who will soon transform the world. 

Educational conferences aren’t just regular workshops to teach mentors about leadership, but it’s also where mentors can develop and educate themselves with the different socio-political issues our youth is facing so we can better relate and communicate with them. But you might say, is that all? 

The Pros Of Presence
Maybe you’re wondering, what’s it like to be present at an educational conference? 

  1. Travel – Educational conferences are held all over the country and being present in each one gives you a free pass to learning more about the place’s culture and seeing the beautiful sceneries as well! 
  1. Knowledge Bank – Not only do you gain progress in self-development, but you also add up to your knowledge bank! Educational conferences usually revolve around different topics that aren’t discussed in class. Given this, you can share your own takeaways with your students so that they also learn a thing or two from your experience. 
  1. Expand Your Network – Different places means different people! Meet and make new friends by going to educational conferences! Start a conversation, exchange ideas, and create healthy learning environments for everyone! 
  1. Meet The Legends – Speakers invited to educational conferences are usually the best professionals in their respective fields. Learn from them and grace yourself with their brains and presence by attending one! 
  1. Develop Holistically – Through these events, you will develop many aspects of your identity, and have the opportunity to share it with others! Find your purpose & be an inspiration to the youth. 

Opportunities are out there so be sure to take as much you can!