Tips From The 2016 Roseville Education Conference

As an educator, it has always been a regular activity of mine to participate in state-wide activities such as the 2016 Roseville education conference. Together with other professors and teachers, we gathered in one place to discuss the recent developments in the field of education. The primary theme of the event centers around improving the quality education offered by several schools and other educational institutions.


One of the highlights of the conference was the talk about the proper ways on how to handle students, especially those who are stubborn or difficult to deal with. I have to say that the keynote speaker for the said topic did great in her lectures. She was a practicing psychologist in a famous hospital in the state. Below are some of the tips that I learned from her:


  1. Treat all students in an equal manner. No one should be treated specially to ensure that everyone will not feel bad. This is an important rule to follow in all classroom setting. As much as possible, avoid showing favoritism because it can lead to chaos in school.
  2. Every teacher must study her topics for a particular class before starting the lecture. The students deserve to learn from an educated professional and not from someone who is not ready to impart knowledge. Be prepared at all times.
  3. Consider each circumstance when it comes to dealing with the issues of each student. Take note that each student does not share the same situation at home or even in their friend’s circle. As such, it is a teacher’s role to see to it that each student receives the proper level of care and attention.

Attending seminars and events have become one of my favorite hobbies. These activities make me feel alive. At the same time, they also make me realize how much I love teaching as well as in changing the lives of all my students.