Interventions For Children With Learning Disabilities



Unfortunately, there is still no permanent cure for learning disabilities. However, there are still therapeutic ways to mitigate the effects of it. It is essential to detect early the condition for better academic coping of the child. When left untreated and unmanaged properly, the child may not cope, and it will affect his daily living. Also, the treatment programs for these children will depend upon the kind of disability and the severity of the issue on the child challenged by it.

Special Education Programs

Take note of this.

Every child, from age three years old to twenty one (yes, they are still considered a “child”) with learning disabilities shall receive free special education services in the most comfortable setting if possible. They should learn in a place where they can maximize their skills and potentials. This is mandated by the law under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

To qualify for the program:

Parents need to follow the IDEA Parent Guide, which is under the law also. There will be assessment and evaluation done by the state in coordination with school administrators based on the guidelines enclosed. They need to check the authenticity of the child’s disability and what the resources available are for the parents.

For further information: IDEA Parent Guide

If the child qualifies, he or she will be under Individualized Education Programs. It will be unique for every child, and it also encompasses what the program will want the child to achieve, the type of services and the names of the respective professional team who will handle the child.

Individualized Teaching Strategies




Intricate and in-depth format of teaching in terms of frequency and length of every lesson. It will be based on a scientific approach and will be improvising the best methods for every child. Children with dyslexia require more time to complete tasks so, restrictions in time will be minimal and adjusted to the child’s needs. Additionally, teachers take advantage of the technology that we have with the use of different tools such as computers, e-books, and applications. Michael Ryan, M.D. on the other hand points out that, “Research indicates that dyslexia is caused by biological factors not emotional or family problems.”


Peter Chung, MD and Dilip R Patel, MD says, “Dysgraphia is a learning disorder in which the individual’s writing skills are below the level expected for his or her age and cognitive level.”

The teachers devise ways to provide tasks that require writing. Also, handouts will be provided to the students.

Moreover, technology comes in again as there are a lot of online applications that are designed for writing-challenged children like converting spoken words into written texts and sound recorders.




According to Daniel B. Hier M.D., “Dyscalculia (acalculia) is an acquired disorder of calculation due to cerebral injury.” Auditory stimulants such as music can aid in the ability of the child to solve math problems. Teachers can help the students by creating visual representations of the math problems and learn to compute in connection to colors and patterns. There are also a lot of useful websites that can aid the child to learn more about the subject of Mathematics and apply it to their lives.

In this modern-day and age, learning disabilities are combatted by experts and specialists with their proven theories and practices. It is such a good thing to know that our special child, with a lot of needs physically, socially, academically, and mentally, have the right support from our government, and other not-for-profit institutions.