Signs Your Mental Health Is Falling Apart (Pandemic Discussion)

Mental health quickly becomes the most pressing issue in society today. That is because of the growing number of people suffering from stress and anxiety due to COVID-19. A lot of people are now aware that mental illness is one of the leading causes of health deterioration and suicide. But despite this, there is still a startling number of individuals who fail to realize just how important it is to seek professional help.

In line with the pandemic situation, emotional and mental exhaustion is a serious concern. And getting burnt out is an official mental health issue. When people neglect mental health, they suddenly experience warning signs. Here are the few of those symptoms.


Eating And Sleeping Pattern Has Changed

Often, when individuals find it difficult to sleep and eat, they usually suffer from emotional or mental health problems. Sometimes, even though they haven’t made any significant changes in their lifestyle, they automatically show red flags. Some of these changes take the form of overeating or not eating enough, oversleeping, and sleep deprivation. With this, it is essential to note that dramatic change in sleeping and eating pattern is often associated with poor personal care. That is because sleeping and eating are the ones vital for individuals’ physical, mental, and emotional health. When people don’t get the rest their mind and body need, it becomes difficult for them to concentrate and be productive.


Experiencing Unstable Moods

Another sign of mental health problems has frequent mood swings. It makes people more anxious, irritable and stressed just from experiencing minor inconvenience. Usually, when that’s the case, people’s mental health is crying for help. That is because of the sudden intense shift in emotions is most likely caused by mental exhaustion. It is a sign that tells people that their mental health is pass due, overworked, and badly needed for a break. Experiencing an unstable mood may cause the brain to malfunction. Thus, it tends to have difficulty in regulating emotions like it is supposed to. And because of this, people may find themselves often stressed out all time. Then become unmotivated to do anything and get overwhelmed by the unfortunate pandemic situation.


Getting Disconnected From Everything And Everyone

Social distancing is the most critical safety measure that people need to follow right now. However, when they feel disconnected from everything and keep on isolating themselves from the people they are generally close to, it can mean something. Social withdrawal and isolation are the worst consequences of having poor mental health. When this happens, people begin to distance themselves from social activities. These people don’t want to be around with anyone, even with friends and loved ones. It causes emotional numbness. When that happens, it is essential that people should take care of themselves mentally.


Feeling Down All The Time

When people experience frequent depressive moods, it might be a sign of mental deterioration. It is where people find it hard to feel pleasure anymore. The things they usually love are no longer interesting to them. Honestly, this is a cause of concern. Aside from being irritable, people become unmotivated, disinterested, and exhausted for no reason. Often, they have difficulty concentrating and focusing on a specific task. And when things are worse, all these people see are negativity that makes them depress and empty. Also, when people suffer from falling mental health, they begin to show signs of impaired cognitive functioning. It usually happens when people are putting too much on their plate even if they know they cannot handle it anymore.

With all the difficulties happening right now, people should always remember to take care of their mental health